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You have worked long and hard to earn the your military benefits. Unlike most civilian jobs, chances are you also put your life on the line day-in and day-out. The last thing you expect is to receive less than what you are entitled to, but sometimes it happens. As a starting point, keep in mind that military benefits by and large depend on your status, that is whether you are active duty, reserve, national guard, veteran or retiree.

Active/Reserve Benefits

While in the military you are entitled to a certain set of benefits which include, but not limited to: life insurance, leave, housing allowance, cost of living allowance, health coverage and eligibility for pension (if you retire through the military).  The type of benefits you receive while you are in service depend on various factors including, your rank, location, and the number of dependents you have.   Because the type of benefits you received while on active duty are "guideline", often any issues regarding benefits while you are in the military can be quickly resolved through your respective chain of command and/or your benefits department.  However, we can help you navigate through the benefits system if you feel you are getting the "run-around" or getting less than you deserve.

Post-Service Benefits

The type of benefits you receive post-military service depend on various factors including how long you served, whether you retired, and whether or not you sustained a service-connected disability.  The type of benefits potentially available to veterans are many, including, but not limited to: GI Bill, Disability, Death & Burial, Health Care and Coverage, Social Security, VA Loans, etc.

The greatest post-service veteran issues that arise typically involve GI Bill or disability issues.  On the latter, veterans can face challenges in receiving the compensation they deserve or navigating through the bureaucracy/delay. 

On the issue of retirement, keep in mind that unlike a civilian job where you may get to keep your retirement benefits/funds if you transfer out of a job, get fired, or leave the job before hitting retirement age, retirement benefits are not "automatic."  Military Retirement Benefits depend on status (reserve v. active), age (if reservist), years of service, salary, and disability.

Most importantly, even if you spend 20+ years in the military, you could lose retirement altogether if you are facing disciplinary proceedings!

If you feel you are not receiving the benefits you deserve or you are facing an unfair delay in obtaining those benefits, we can help you.   Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation.


Correction of Military Records 

There might be many reasons why you may want to correct your military record. For example, sometimes awards and decorations are inaccurate or not accounted for. Or worse, perhaps you have a "black mark" on your record that you feel inaccurately reflects the situation or should be erased altogether. The correction of military records can be a very lengthy process and even longer when your application is filed incorrectly.

GI Joe Law has successfully helped service members correct their military records. We can help fix/correct your military records.
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